Use a powerful online report builder to get the information needed out of FMO quickly and efficiently...

Client Need:

Keeping track of Open Positions, Exposures, Account Balances, P&L and NAV in real-time or at an historical point in time.

Attributing P&L to the position level and slice and dice data by asset class, country, industry, sub industry etc.

FMO Solution:

FMO provides clients with the following tools to meet their real-time and historical reporting needs:

  • FMO-iQ a powerful, yet easy to use, online report builder that clients can use to create their own reports choosing from 1500+ fields. FMO-iQ reports can be opened in various formats including Excel, HTML and PDF
    FMO-iQ includes a suite of 50+ existing templates ready to use on day one
  • Attribution To easily analyse P&L movements to the position level by asset class, country, industry, sub industry etc.
  • Excel Reports can be created with FMO Report Builder and then embedded in Excel. Reports can then be viewed in Excel with up-to-date positions & market data without having to log into FMO.
  • Add corporate logos to reports in order to send to clients.